Lathes have a significant role in the group of machine tools of our company and are extremely important since they are used for the construction and repair of various types of industrial components. Our group of lathes produces items of the highest precision and complexity by removing material from their mass. Turning can be inside or outside the material.

However, in elongated pieces, there is the possibility of frontal turning, conical, spherical, curved surfaces, grooving, thread cutting, flange rib cutting, etc.

Examples of items that can be manufactured and machined on the lathe are various types of shafts, rings, pins, impellers, baffles, caps, crushers, machine parts, generators, pumps eccentric gear systems, rotors, gears, rollers, rollers, rollers, telescopic cylinders, containers, pulleys, machine bases, wheels, drum mazes, rods, presses, washers, various types of molds, etc.