Gear Cutting Department

Gears, or cogwheels, are one of the most basic modes of transmission in a gear. Depending on the application, the dimensions, and the orientation of the cooperating gears, different types of gears have been developed in order to optimize their transmission, but also their lifespan.
Gear types:

  • Front-wheel with parallel straight teeth
  • Front-wheel with helical or sloping teeth
  • Toothed rule
  • Tapered cogwheel
  • Endless screw
  • Sprockets: Single Sprockets with Navel, Sprockets Double with Navel, Sprockets Triple with Navel, Sprockets on Disc
  • Cobbler: various types and sizes, suitable for any demanding and specialized application.
  • Gear Shafts, Screws, Crowns, Shafts with Multiple (frame)