Company Presentation

Take a controlled machining environment, combine it with highly skilled staff and industry-leading equipment, and the result is a machine shop with unrivaled capabilities.

In addition to the controlled environment of the facility that meets safety standards, we have a team of highly qualified people and top machines that give us and your company the lead in implementing even the most demanding project.

Our equipment includes:

Our machine shop has a series of all the necessary machine tools that are handled by specialized personnel, to produce high-quality products. The company’s machines are divided into production departments (and each department is limited to the company’s premises) in order to achieve the optimal production time of the products.

The sectors of the machine shop are:

    • Lathe Department
    • Milling Department
    • Gear Cutting Department
    • CNC Department
    • Grinding (Rectifier) Department
    • Drill Department
    • Welding-retreading Department
    • Oxygen metal cutting Department
    • Department of iron constructions
    • Heavy machinery Department

Apart from the machines, there is a landscaped area for the assembly-disassembly of the machines as well as a warehouse for raw materials.

Τεχνικό υπόμνημα μηχανημάτων του μηχανουργείου:

• Lathe maximum diameter 2000 × 4500mm
• Lathe 800 × 4200mm
• Lathe 550 × 2500mm
• Three lathes 500 × 2000mm
• Lathe 1200x8000mm
• Horizontal milling drill (boring) with electrical measurement
• Two vertical travel planners 250mm
• Vertical travel error 1000mm maximum piece diameter 2500mm
• Gear cutter 12 MODUL maximum diameter 1000mm
• Gear cutter 6 MODUL maximum diameter 500mm
• Vertical gear cutter (FELOW) maximum diameter 600mm (internal)
• Gear cutter modul 6 maximum diameter 400mm
• Gear cutter modul maximum diameter 200mm
• Gear cutter FO16 maximum diameter 2500mm
• Screwdriver L 3000mm
• Drill milling machine 800 mm
• 900 mm travel milling machine with electronic measurement
• Radial drill (RADIAL)
• Drill 50 mm
• Electronic balancing maximum weight 1.5t and diameter 1600 mm with issuance of balancing certificate.
• Electronic balancing maximum weight 6 t and diameter 2000 mm with issuance of balancing certificate.
• Exterior diameter rectifier
• Internal diameter rectifier
• Surface rectifier 250 × 600 mm
• Surface rectifier 450 × 1500 mm
• CNC center 1000 × 450 × 500mm
• Crane bridge 5 tn and 10 tn
• Metal cutting saws Φ270 and Φ350
• Hydraulic press 150 t
• Tikmig welding 500 Am and 350 Am welding
• Hand plasma for cutting stainless steel
• Cold refilling device
• Gauges
• Hardness meter

See the detailed presentation of the company in the PDF that follows:

Παρουσίαση Επιχείρησης Μηχανουργείο Αποστολίδη